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Here are some kitchen utensils I actually like

Firstly, only buy new kitchen utensils if you really NEED them. Don’t buy what you don’t need, you’ll just end up cramming it in the small cupboard above the extractor fan that nobody can really reach and no one ever checks.

If you do need some new kitchen ware then you could do worse thanĀ Ototo‘s kitchen utensils and office supplies, found via Swiss-Miss’ Friday links.

Interestingly, OtotoĀ is an Israeli company, and was started by Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner. The two friends met at the Ascola School of Art and Design in Tel Aviv and they set up the brand after they graduated. The company is still based in Tel Aviv and now has seven staff.

Check out some of their ‘oldies’ as well- previous designs that are sold out. I wish they would bring back theĀ Bubbles soap dish, I love the clear shiny bubbles.

kitchen utensil colander

This one is my favourite. The ‘Spaghetti Monster’ colander is the perfect combination of silly and practical. I love the tiny black pupils in the eyes and the pointed feet. And such a good yellow.


This ‘Clean Dreams’ sponge holder is not just a gimmick, like four poster dog beds. Sure, they’re clever, bordering on the cute even, but they also serve to keep your sponge in one place and off the countertop so that it can dry out, meaning I don’t feel grody every time I pick up a sodden slimy sponge.


kitchen utensils design

I immediately thought of Tin Tin when I saw the ‘Space Masher’. The red rocket is classic HergĆ©. I loved the shape and colour, but zoomed in on the base before being completely sold- sure it’s styled to look like smoke, which is a killer detail, but can it mash? And can it be cleaned? I would say yes on both counts.


kitchen utensil cherry design

These are a kitchen utensil version of Jess from New Girl, and they would make me feel momentarily as quirky and charming as her.Ā If you made me choose between these ‘Mon Cherry’ measurement spoons and the Spaghetti Monster, I would grab both and run. Don’t make me choose.


design office desk

These are the weakest of the design bunch, although they look pretty slick. I just happen to really like oversized pegs, so they get a mention.


All photos from Ototo

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