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Must Watch – Cracked’s News Shows (and all of their other YT shows)

Great satire is hard to find.

The best satire comes from an outsider voice with a fresh, sometimes absurdist, view of current affairs. The most eye opening satire will make you see things from new angles, kindles and rekindles your outrage, shines a light on neglected issues and leave you inspired. And then, it’s even better if it’s funny.

The Cracked news show on Youtube is great satire. The commentary is opinionated, sharp, informative and makes me laugh out loud. Thank you Cody Johnston for your fantastic comic timing and always slightly dazed air.

I first found the videos thanks to their coverage of Trump’s now private From the Desk of Donald Trump vlog episodes. Back in 2011, Trump had a series of 75 videos on the Trump Organisation’s own YT channel that documented him spouting bunkum about any topic that took his fancy. No big surprise, his Presidential campaign team quickly made 66 of the videos private. However, not before the Cracked writers found them and wrote this video.

Bless their investigative, derisive cotton socks.

Once you’ve watched that, and poured yourself a stiff drink. Then you can sit down and enjoy working your way through all of their news reports.  They release new episodes at least once a week. After you’ve watched back through the last few months even Rick and Morty will seem believable.

I can also highly recommend just about any of their other video series. I particularly look forward to Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder.

Photo from Cracked’s News channel.

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