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Happy Easter! And some quick links for your weekend

It’s been a very busy few weeks! How are you all doing? Does it finally feel like Spring where you are?

I’m working on a new project alongside Wonky Peach and it has been taking all of my attention. I’m not sure yet whether it’s a good idea or a terrible idea.

Does it have legs I’ve been asking myself?

Mostly because I love the image of my idea on a starting line ready to race, wondering if it has the stamina. This early stage, when an idea has been rattling around in my head for ages but it’s still unformed and untested, has always been tricky for me. Although I love starting new things (Shiny New Object Syndrome…SNOS), I often quit before they really have a chance to grow and work the way I imagined.

This time to make sure that I stick to my idea and see it through, I am trying a few different approaches. As Jocelyn K. Glei said in a great recent interview with Own Your Content, ‘Once I commit, the biggest step is to create some accountability. Either by: Announcing the project publicly, or by bringing collaborators on board to get invested in it. Ideally, both! Without accountability, it’s very easy for my attention to drift and glom onto another shiny new idea.’ I’m following her advice by presenting my idea to Andy, telling you about it (a little!) here and asking some of my friends whether they would be interested in collaborating with me.

I really think that the collaboration part is crucial. People succeed in groups (thank you Elizabeth Craft), or in Sesame Street terms: ‘Make Cooperation Happen!’

If I can clearly explain what I have in mind and why the project is worthwhile to a few people then I know that I will feel more confident in my idea. I will also have built a support network that can give me feedback throughout.

It’s such a basic idea- test out the idea, ask for help. Whilst I’m creating accountability and trying out my elevator pitch on friends, I’m also teaching myself the basics of Photoshop. I wanted to make some elements for Project X so it seemed like a good time to finally learn. I thought I would hate the whole process and loose my temper in frustration. In fact, I don’t want to stop. Now, playing around on Photoshop is all I want to do.

It’s not traditional for Easter but Andy and I have been craving Millionaire’s Shortbread for a while so we’ll be making this recipe from The Easy Vegan as part of a Sunday feast! I can also highly recommend this Oh She Glows banoffee pie recipe if you fancy something with date caramel and some cream.

If you’re looking for vegan Easter eggs and you’re based in the UK, I found this Cosmo list useful. Or, as you have the long weekend, you could check out Lauren Prufer’s video below showing you how to make homemade vegan Easter eggs with fuit ‘cheesecake’ filling. You have time to bake! Enjoy licking the spoon, taste testing as you go and eating the leftovers on Monday.

Despite being busy, I still start most days by reading a few articles while drinking my coffee. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day and I feel REALLY lucky to be able do it. When I was starting work sickeningly early and didn’t have the time, it was the one habit I really longed for. And it is definitely as good as I imagined.

So here’s some reading links for you, in the hope you have a few moments of stillness between chocolate top-ups:

Recently, all I have been reading is non-fiction books about psychology so I enjoyed this article about a forgotten work of pop psychology.

Did you see this article on The Guardian today about a vending machine in Sydney? A bit like my project, I’m not sure if it’s a fun idea or a pointless thing. The research behind it was definitely interesting.

I love Las Vegas, so I really enjoyed reading all the insider gossip about The Strip on this blog.

As a nice break from work, I’ve been reading sections from The Book of Life, the online resource created by Alan de Botton and his School of Life. Reading the short entries about Plato and Aristotle have been particularly weird to read- everything is still all so relevant today! Why haven’t we figured this all out yet??

I haven’t read them yet, I’ve been keeping them for Sunday morning, but these articles about women and the internet, New American cuisine, and serial killers’ glasses all found through LongReads look great: here, here and here.

Have a lovely Easter!

Photos from the Instagram feed of heydavina, if you like looking at beautiful food and lovely buildings, I can recommend it!

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