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Happy Friday!

It’s so very nearly October. And I love October. It’s the month that contains Halloween, the month that has brisk mornings and mild days, the pumpkin month, the month I met my boyfriend.

As we’re only a few days away, and I’m excited, I’m allowing one Halloween related link- this list of Halloween inspired decor that also works all year round from Lonny.

This analogy for white privilege was a really good way of understanding the issue from both sides, found via Swiss Miss.

I would really like to make a mobile like this pom-pom one from Land of Nod for my sister, who is pregnant with her first baby. Looks doable right?

Weekends for me are always a time when my healthy eating goes a little out the window (okay, fine, it’s full defenestration). I love taking more time to cook (aka pancakes), trying out new recipes (aka chocolate and pecan pancakes) and treating myself to eating out (aka brunch with pancakes). So maybe if I look at these photos of daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, I can mitigate the (pancake) free for all.

Some weekend reading: A Stanford psychologist, Dr Robert Sutton, has written a book about how to deal with the assholes in your life. I love it when intelligent people lay out guidelines for things that we mostly stick our head in the sand about, trying to ignore. Finally, I can brush sand out of my ears and follow his advice for how to deal with goobers at work and that friend that always makes me feel teeny-tiny. To get you started here’s a great article on Vox about it all.

And a weekend recipe to try: In keeping with my attempt to maintain a healthy balance on weekends as well as during the week (see above re: pancakes), I’m going to try this salad dressing recipe from Food 52 with lots of iceberg lettuce, celery, walnuts and avocado.

Have a great weekend!

Photo from Land of Nod

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