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Happy Friday!

As the wind whips round our windows and rattles the doors with stray drafts, I can only think of setting up a movie and pouring popcorn into a big bowl to be passed back and fore between me and my love.

To make sure that I’m prepared for many movie nights ahead, I spent a good hour scrolling through Roger Ebert’s ‘Great Movies’ list on his website. I’ve started a must-watch-list of classics that I’ve somehow managed to miss, like Cool Hand Luke, and some of my old favourites like Paris, Texas, particularly given the heartbreaking news of Harry Dean Stanton’s death.

I hate admitting that I’m wrong. It’s a terrible egotistical flaw, I’m trying to recognise it as such and get over it. In aid of this, I am admitting to you that I was completely wrong about Father John Misty. I half listened to the first two tracks of his album I Love You, Honeybear and mistakenly thought him to be a self-indulgent, unnecessarily ornate musician who was more flash than skill and depth. This week, I haphazardly came upon a track from his most recent album Pure Comedy and was immediately smitten. Don’t be an arrogant goober like me, listen to the whole album, hear the great voice, the clever complicated lyrics, the layered music. Be right.

Once you’ve clicked repeat on Father John Misty, check out some of his wife’s photos here (she’s a professional photographer).

This comment thread, found by accident when I was reading about eco-friendly cleaning brands– took me by surprise and made me laugh so much- so British.

I really enjoyed the abstract painting of Heather Day, especially her quick painted sketches of landscapes that she calls ‘Small Works’.

This woman sounds amazing, and what a name. Also here.

Some weekend reading: I’m a BIG Cup of Jo fan. It’s one of the sites I check every day and look forward to reading. Their recent ‘Beauty Uniform’ piece led me this week to Carmen Maria Machado, a writer I had heard of but never read. Following a link from that article, I ended up reading one of Machado’s essays. God, it’s well written. Now I want to read her book.

And a weekend recipe to try: I have been craving soft and crispy fries all week. I want you to think that this is a dramatic and unusual situation, in fact, I crave fries most weeks. I’ve held off despite unusually strong lustful thoughts on Wednesday (it was very cold and windy) and now I’m very excited to try The Minimalist Baker’s recipe for vegan poutine.

Have a great weekend!

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