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Happy Friday!

These two articles, one by Max Read about Facebook and one by Judith Duportail about Tinder, are pretty eye-opening. They both discuss how big platforms are tracking, holding and using reams of data about our online habits.

This book about the history of children’s clothing and gender looks really fascinating.

And an article on the cultural history of hairy legs.

I just bought John Green’s new book and downloaded it to my Kindle, it had better be as good as all of his others, I love that man so much I don’t think I can bear to be disappointed.

I have similarly superinflated expectation for Mindhunter, David Fincher’s new series about FBI profilers. The Guardian described it as ‘Mad Men with serial killers’, which basically sounds like my favourite combination ever. The 10 first episodes are all on Netflix now…please be good.

This is a nice thought– buy bulbs and plant them now ready for Spring.

Finally, the YT video below is like a metaphor for British culture and made me laugh. The two men waited for an hour to see the famous steam train The Flying Scotsman run past them- watch to see what happens.

Some weekend reading: I appreciated Jessica Valenti’s unusual take on how to handle trolls, and I recommend reading as much as you can from her writing for The Guardian.

And a weekend recipe to try: This chocolate chip cookie recipe is not vegan, but it’s actually the ‘pan-bang’ technique that I’m interested in- Sarah Kieffer, who came up with the idea, takes her cookies out of the oven part way through and bangs the pan on the counter so that they flatten out and create crispy rippled edges. Sounds intriguing. So I’m going to give it a shot and just swap some of the ingredients for vegan alternatives.

Photo Peter DaSilva/New York Times

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