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Apart from on the spidery-legged form of Prince, I didn’t think I liked purple. The recent home tour on Cup of Jo proved me wrong. The bedroom of this house has the most amazing smokey purple wainscoting that looks like something out of a costume drama directed by Sophia Coppola, it’s unexpected and moody.

Apart from pioneering purple as a chic paint colour, Rachel Bedard, who owns the house in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter, casually throws in two more clever design tricks whilst taking us through the different rooms, like Marie Antoinette throwing doughy nuggets of interiors wisdom to her entourage.

One of my favourite of their design tricks, is the wall papered doors in the dining room which immediately makes the room look more dramatic and bigger because of the unbroken wall of pattern. Wall papering over doors is a great idea, considering that a lot of us now live in small apartments, we should definitely be using this trick. It’s a relatively cheap way of adding interest and coherence to a room. Actually, it’s a design trick that French royalty used in their Châteaux to hide doors to the servants’ quarters, so it’s all tying in very nicely with my aristocratic analogy.

Cup of Jo dining room wallpaper green Brooklyn home tour design

The other idea I really like is the hidden fridge in the kitchen. This is not a revolutionary idea (see what I did there), but this is a particularly good example of how sometimes the absence of a familiar feature can make a room look more multi-purpose and definitely less cluttered.

In some minimalist industrial looking kitchens, the classic aggressive silver fridge adds gravitas, but here it’s smart to take the hunk of appliance out of the equation. The whole room looks more balanced and neat. The only issue would be trying to cram all the vegetables, milk substitutes and spreads into one under the counter fridge. Layering all your chilled goods until there’s no light visible in the fridge is a novelty at university but it wears thin into your thirties, so two small fridges would be necessary I think. Even better actually. One for veg and one for condiments. Perfect.

kitchen design brooklyn cupofjo

Photos by Julia Robb/ CupofJo

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