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Jeff Goldblum will make you happy, for a few minutes at least

Please read the GQ article about Jeff Goldblum. It will make you happy. The photos are fantastic- full of great style and humour. The revelations about Jeff are reassuring.
And the article is cleverly put together with snippets of interviews about Jeff and with Jeff side by side. You can compare what Jeff says about himself and then what others say about him, which is revealing, contradictory, hilarious.

Jeff Goldblum Peter Yang GQ

On one hand, he seems to be exactly as we hope he is. He plays games, he is generous with his time and attention, he cares about his work. He reads and loves reading aloud. He seems to be the open, comfortable in his own skin, switched on. Exactly the incredible human we dream he will be. There is nothing disappointing about him. He reads books on set, he plays the piano, he can talk to anyone. He is interested in everyone. We should all be more open and curious. Less cautious.

We can keep him as one of our top ten aspirational persons- ‘When I get older I hope I age into…’.

Jeff was onstage. I go, “Is that him? What is he doing?” But he was jamming with Aerosmith. And he didn’t tell us! I would have made an announcement. Like, I’d laid three years of groundwork with Steve Tyler and Joe Perry, sucking up to them, and in two minutes, he’s onstage.

Tom Arnold

On the other hand, there are little clues that he works very hard. Which is even more reassuring. He’s an incredible human, who has to put the work in and who worries, just like us. Is there anything better than a role model who also feels just like us?

He uses the same games to entertain people. He plays the fool and makes himself a target to make people laugh. You can read between the lines and see that he used to take a lot of care about his health and diet, that he still does. He’s only now learning to relax. There’s hope that we can all still achieve his confidence and ease with more time.

The best juxtaposition of interview responses is the one between Kevin Kline and Goldblum when they’re talking about filming The Big Chill. Kevin Kline is in awe of how Jeff wakes up two hours before they have to be on set to prepare. Goldblum talks about the same time and describes how Kline just falls out of bed, eats and is ready to go whereas he felt he had to put his face on before appearing in public.

Jeff Goldblum Peter Yang GQ

Every morning he would wake up two hours before the call, do vocal exercises. He read through the script every morning. It was inspiring.

Kevin Kline

My favourite moments in the article are when Goldblum recounts getting told of by JoBeth Williams for cheating at charades. She rightly gives him a dressing down for thinking its endearing to cheat and he admits to feeling humiliated and learning that ‘cheating is not okay or fun.’ And finally, I really love the very last line of the interview with Jeff when he simply says: ‘I just like people. They always seem to be nice.’ For a few minutes, while I was reading, like with a really good book, I forgot about all of my shit and felt like the world was simpler.

Jeff Goldblum Peter Yang GQ

I just like people. They always seem to be nice.

Jeff Goldblum

All photos from GQ/ Peter Yang

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