Busy Bee pencil set


A happy, practical reminder to carry around in your pencil case!

The Busy Bee pencil set has six wooden number 2 pencils in three pastel colors. Each pencil is printed with a gold foil slogan.

This set is designed by City of Industry and made in the USA.

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Which one are you today? I’m feeling like a busy bee, dreaming of being smart as a whip and hoping to be a cool cucumber sooooon!

The Busy Bee pencil set includes six wooden pastel pencils printed with gold foil. You get two of each style:

Yellow: Busy as a bee
Green: Cool as a cucumber
Blue: Smart as a whip

These pencils were designed and produced by City of Industry in Salt Lake City, USA! And, if you like this set, then you’ll probably also love our Smile pencil set.