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Some quick links from around the internet for your weekend

One of my favourite discoveries this week was the new advice column in The New Yorker. It’s
called Dear Pepper and it’s designed as a cartoon version of a classic advice column. The brilliantly dry and wonky cartoonist Liana Finck (a New Yorker regular) sketches out both the reader question and her answer to make a short comic that brings a whole new exciting dimension one of my favourite types of columns. I can also highly recommend Liana Finck’s Twitter and her Instagram for more examples of her David Shrigleyesque cartoons.

This via Kottke– are our pets learning to talk?

liana finck cartoon

We have a new desk and I want to keep it looking new forever so I’m looking for coasters to protect from the many mugs of coffee that land on it every day.

So far, these ones from BEAM are my favourite. They come in black or white, are $18 (plus postage *sad face*) and they do double duty as coasters and a trivet type thingy, which would be great for us because, as we amass mugs… we could just keep adding coasters- Mug Island.

beam coaster design

We don’t have hardly any kitchen stuff currently. And I am DESPERATE to bake something. We’ve only been in our new apartment for just over a week and so far we have two pans and some plates. There is an oven but there’s no point even thinking about cakes or elaborate confections because I don’t have a mixing bowl or rolling pin or whisk or set of scales…etc.

When we are fully equipped however, I will be trying ALL of these:

This vegan frittata (chickpeas really are the bee’s knees) on the always amazing The Healthy French Wife. 

My Mum used to make lemon meringue pie in the summer, so now it always reminds me of hot days eating in the garden. This recipe on Pickles & Honey looks exactly like the ones my Mum made and it would be a nice reminder that Spring is only three months away!

Finally, I’ve been eyeing this recipe on my favourite vegan food blog Minimalist Baker for Peanut Butter Cup PIE for AGES… like a kid that keeps stopping to stare at the puppies whenever they go past the pet shop.

Although, it’s probably best that I can’t make this one… I would eat it all. I’m going to find a way to make it for Christmas lunch though, somehow.

vegan frittata food vegan
vegan lemon pie

A few explainers for key news items this week:

From Vox, an article that breaks down the consequences of the tax bill that the Senate is voting on today.

And Esquire on the worrying fact that the Koch brothers are buying Time magazine.

Dazed have a really good article on what it’s like to be gay in Turkey right now.

And some great articles to read over the weekend with your morning coffee:

If you only read one article this week: this excellent long article on The Guardian by David Neiwert about the American Alt-Right. There are A LOT of excellent articles on this subject, this one really hammers home that rightwing terrorism is a growing concern in America and it’s being ignored because the rightwing media are shutting down a public discussion. An important discussion for American and Europeans given the rise of the right over here too.

The Cut were absolutely right to republish this essay.

You should read these two pieces one after the other on Nancy Pelosi and her comments on John Conyerson Vox, and on Politico.

Following on from my piece about sexual assault and the issue of punishment for sexual assault, Amelia Harnish has written a really interesting article for Refinery29 on the difference between accountability and punishment for perpetrators of sexual assault and what are options are now that we’ve begun to speak up about these crimes. My favourite quote comes from Fatima Goss-Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, ‘Saying believe women in my mind, it doesn’t say don’t believe men. But it says that each should be believed. How you get to the facts of it is you actually conduct an investigation.’

Saying believe women in my mind, it doesn’t say don’t believe men. But it says that each should be believed. How you get to the facts of it is you actually conduct an investigation.

Fatima Goss-Graves, CEO of the National Women's Law Center

Top photo from Minimalist Baker.

Following photos from Liana Finck’s Instagram, BEAM, The Healthy French Wife, Pickles & Honey and Dazed. 

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