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Some quick links from around the internet for your weekend

What are you up to this weekend?

We’re going to go out for a drink this evening at a great Montpellier bar called Le Clandestin that’s in a vaulted basement and then we’ll probably spend the weekend cooking, working and watching the first season of Mr Robot (thanks for the recommendation Kieran!). If any of you have any more TV recommendations, let me know.

I didn’t read as many long articles this week because I was busy finishing Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist and starting Jenni Murray’s new book A History of Britain in 21 Women, which starts with Boadicea and ends with Nicola Sturgeon so it’s clearly going to be fascinating.

On Khoi Vinh’s site Subtraction.com, I loved his comparison of illustrations from The New York Times with illustration he’s found in digital advertising. The contrast is incredible and speaks volumes about how infantilising ads are.

Part way through the week, Andy fell down the rabbit hole and came out with a YT video called ‘The Indian Thriller’, which is a clip from the movie Kondaveeti Donga starring Chiru. Watching it made us realise that the choreography in Thriller is quite similar to Bollywood dancing, which led me to look up who the choreographer for Thriller actually was.

This is how I ended up reading about Michael Peters, an amazing dancer and choreographer who worked with Michael Jackson on Thriller and Beat It. He also worked with Donna Summer, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar and helped Angela Bassett nail Tina Turner’s dancing in What’s Love Got to Do With it (which you should watch if you haven’t seen it). I even found a brilliant video of Peters rehearsing with Jackson, which I’ve included below. And I’ll leave you now to spend the afternoon watching every Jackson video you can find.

I found this article on Upworthy about raising a gender-neutral child really interesting. It’s going to be great to hear more stories like this as more families make this decision.

After all the ‘Oprah 2020’ talk, I went on a bit of a self-help detour and found this article in The Atlantic which interviews Dan Buettner who gave the TED talk ‘How to live to 100’. I enjoyed what he has to say because he’s very no nonsense and funny but also remains encouraging. The answer- move to well-designed a medium sized city where you can walk a lot.

For this next one you are going to have to bear with me…yes the website is called TinyBuddha.com, no I haven’t looked at the rest of the site…yes, it’s because I’m scared of what gobbledegook I’ll find. HOWEVER, this list of worries to let go of was spot on for me. I worry about all of these things (especially 2 and 9) and it’s always good to be reminded that we are worrying unnecessarily and to LET IT GO. I would skip the intro though and I don’t really believe in inner peace though. Do you??

If you’re considering becoming a freelance writer (or a freelance anything really), then I found this break down of a Lindy Alexander’s work week really helpful. Her whole site The Freelancer’s Year is full of useful information.

I can highly recommend making these crispy chickpeas from Minimalist Baker, they are easy to make, crunchy like crisps and satisfying like nuts. Amazing. I don’t know when that woman sleeps and long may it last.

A lot of these vegan recipes on Healthyish look delicious too and I could stare at the food photography for hours. My roasted broccoli and tofu looks JUST like that. I want to start by making the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, partly because it sounds like two characters in an Italian children’s book.

chickpeas minimalist baker

Finally, Andy and I had a discussion this week about boy jobs and girl jobs after I wrote about it on Thursday. I’m not sure how but we ended up watching Queen’s I Want to Break Free video where they all dress in drag and debating whether it was offensive or not and to whom? Any thoughts?

Have a lovely weekend!

Top image from Subtraction.com, second image from the prolific and amazing Minimalist Baker

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