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Some quick links from around the internet for your weekend

Before I get to some links for you to browse through this weekend, I want to link to a link about links for a second. Meta…

You should try using Pocket. (I know, I know…I’m apparently obsessed with pockets) Am I the last one to know about this app/website? It used to be called Read it Later.

I actually don’t read articles on my phone much anymore, now that I’m working from home but you can download Pocket on your phone to save articles for later. I would have LOVED this last year when I was teaching full time and I desperately wanted to be sat quietly reading The Atlantic. Now I have it as an extension on my browser which means that you can ‘pocket’ any article or website and it gets saved to my page on the Pocket site (see mine below!). The whole thing is free and once you’ve signed up, it logs you in automatically so that you can easily see all the articles and websites that have grabbed your attention this week. It’s the virtual version of a collection of pretty stones that you found on the beach…

So, using my Pocketed articles…here are some articles for your Sunday morning coffee:

I really enjoyed this Racked article about queuing, of all things. Jamie Lauren Keiles is a great witty writer and he brings this seemingly dull subject to life.

Just as Cup of Jo was sharing some of her favourite kids books, I was reading this piece by Kate Dicamillo on Time about children’s literature and why she thinks it should be a little sad. She makes a very convincing argument, see what you think.

In my list of 18 things for 2018, I wondered whether it is finally time to completely overhaul marriage. I definitely believe that we need to reassess the gender dynamics and cost of weddings. I also think that it’s worth considering whether marriage should be separated from government benefits and turned into a private contract- this article argues for privatisation, this one against. Then this week I read an article by Elizabeth Wurtzel (who has been writing some incredible fiery passionate pieces for The Guardian about having cancer) about how her perception of marriage changed after she was married. I’ve long suspected that I would feel similarly if ever I got married and this was a much more eloquent version of what I’ve been trying to express for years!

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan (and you should be, don’t judge… just watch it), you’ll enjoy this short piece from the soon to be defunct The Hairpin (a sad internet development), that attempts to answer crucial questions like how many milligrams of caffeine does Lorelei ingest every day.

Finally, settle in for this brilliant both matter of fact and moving long read by S.Kirk Walsh about friendship, marriage, children, AIDS…it’s a whole life in a few thousand words.

If you’re travelling to Paris sometime this year, or if you live in Paris, Jenny Rose has an excellent looking list of vegan restaurants to try out. Pretty much all of my favourite food groups are covered- pancakes, pizza, cake.

Over the last few months, Andy and I have become really curious about trying to make vegan basics that we would usually buy. Those ‘glue that holds the meal together’ type items like mayonnaise, humus, vegan cheese and then other more complicated food like seitan that we used to just buy because it didn’t seem like something we could make at home. Turns out, seitan is not only easy to make, it’s really fun to make. We’re just finessing our recipe, as soon as we’ve perfected it, I’ll share it. This week I found a recipe on A Virtual Vegan  for vegan butter, which fits into our ‘can we make it ourselves’ theme. I’ll test it and get back to you.

I would add that even if you are not a vegan, it’s definitely worth trying to make some of those food things that you always buy, just to see if you can. There is an extra feeling of satisfaction when you can produce your very own paneer, or ketchup or falafel.

When someone you know is having a baby, it’s hard not to get a little caught up in looking at baby stuff. All of it is so bright and fun and tiny sized. That’s how I ended up staring at a rattle that looks like a bottle of hot sauce on Of A Kind. If you live in the US then lucky you…you can go to town ordering some of their great jewellery, kids stuff, and home stuff. Otherwise, do like me and just screen shop.

And if you want more screen shopping, then have a quick look round Year & Day, they have really simple, nicely designed ceramics, flatware (such an odd word) and cutlery.

After all of the recent discussion about cutting down on reusable coffee cups in the UK, I decided I should finally buy a reusable cup. So far I’m torn between this collapsable one on Trouva and the now ubiquitous (but apparently great!Keep Cup. Any advice?

Top photo and last photo from Of A Kind, second photo from my Pocket page, vegan butter photo from A Virtual Vegan.

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