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Some quick links from around the internet

Just as Trump’s administration seems to be undermining the great advances in women’s reproductive health, so many groups, charities, designers and individuals are opening up the discussion of issues like periods, abortions and smear tests. This article about several groups looking to redesign the speculum is inspiring and hopefully another sign that one administration can’t reverse the flow (pun intended) of hundreds of years.

This short film about Oliver Jeffers is lovely. If you weren’t a fan before…

The Racked article about Zara’s unfair labor practices is important reading if you shop there. Please don’t shop there. Even H&M is marginally better ethically.

I don’t like any of the coats in this Racked article but I’m tempted by the idea- one silly bright coat for the winter. I am so miserable in the cold that I wonder if I should quarantine myself away in a cave to save everyone from my grumpiness. I spend so much time hating the weather that all I can bear to do is put on a giant black puffer coat (my sleeping bag coat) from November through to March. Maybe a bright sleeping bag coat would mitigate the frozen frown? This one would be perfect.

A red sofa.

They’ve stopped posting but I still enjoying looking back through Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table. ‘Fuck your Fiddle Leaf Fig’.

I rarely wear jewellery but as someone who is half French, I would love to wear this necklace from the Quiet Storms store. They have some really beautiful, unusual jewellery and such a great name.

I want to try making this pie recipe, but vegan. I think I can replace the milk and eggs with coconut cream. Or would that be too overpowering?!

WeLive– the beginning of an interesting new way to look at communal living or just a fancy dorm for rich kids?

Photo from Fuck your Noguchi Table

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