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Some links for your weekend

What do you have planned this weekend?

We’re flying back to England next week for a quick visit in the hope that we’ve timed it right to meet my due-any-minute nephew. (Please arrive soon! We want to meet you!)

On that note, I really agree with this article about the ‘Good Enough Mother’ that I found via Cup of Jo. I’m not a mother, but I definitely agree that aiming for ‘perfection’ never ends well. Plus, some of the moments when my Mum theoretically ‘messed up’, like surprising us sometimes in the middle of the school year by taking us out for the day instead of taking us to school, are some of my best memories.

I’m excited to be back in England for a while so that I can catch up with friends and family. It’s going to be odd to think we don’t live there anymore, I wonder how we’ll feel when we fly back to France and it really hits home that we live here now!

Apart from all the people that I want to see, I am really looking forward to having an excuse to eat at some of my favourite places…Purezza, Temple of Seitan and Wetherspoons’ chips I’m coming for you. Hopefully more than once. I’m also leaving room in my bag for Vio Life cheese, Vego bars and Fry’s ‘beef’ strips.

If you are hate your commute home, then enjoy the rush of shadenfreude when you see these photos of Tokyo commuters by Michael Wolf on Slate. I was so grateful at first and then by the end of the article I felt so worried for them!

Other things I have loved this week…

Looking through Thoka Maer’s illustration portfolio.

Finding new accounts to follow on Instagram including housezoom (thanks Toni!) for their obsessive photographing of amazing  SF houses and fearsomebeast for her beautiful macabre embroidery (actually Toni…you might like these!).

Wondering if I have the courage to attempt this woven chocolate bread.

This brilliant article by Alissa Walker about sidewalks or pavements depending on where you live.

And this one by Sarah Aswell about Facebook and how it’s killing off comedy sites like Funny or Die and Cracked.

We worried so much that big chains were turning this into a McPlanet but is it actually the ‘minimalist’ lifestyle brands that are making everything the same?

Has anyone finished reading The Power by Naomi Alderman? Would you recommend it?

And finally, dreaming about buying huge neon signs from this site…

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages after I wrote about spending a night in A&E on Thursday. It was not a fun experience but it definitely helped to focus my mind on what matters to me. It is completely nuts and absolutely bullshit that I am still worrying about the same things I did when I was sixteen. ENOUGH ALREADY!

I also want to say that the experience showed me once again that Andy is a GOOD EGG. A very good egg. I hope he sticks around. 

Have a lovely weekend!


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