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Some quick links from around the internet for your weekend

Have you read John Green’s latest book Turtles All the Way Down?

I read it in one night, which is something I hardly ever do anymore, but always end up doing with John Green’s books. His characters are funny, sincere and eccentric, which means they feel like the very best version of humans. Or, as my friend Rachel puts it, ‘Not quite geek, not quite normal.’

Aza, the main character in the book struggles with obsessive thoughts and describes how these thoughts, that she can’t control, repeat in her head more and more intensely, in a tightening spiral. I completely understood what she meant by that image; how it feels some days like your thoughts are unstoppable and are closing in on you.

My thought spirals are not as powerful and paralysing as Aza’s but they do feel overwhelming and often lead me to anger or tears or both. I think I need to print a poster to put over my desk that just says, ‘Calm the fuck down.’ To remind me of the spiral. Then maybe I can take a step outside of it and remember that ‘this too shall pass.’

Have you ever watched John Berger’s Ways of Seeing? If you have, I bet it was a long time ago. I first watched it while I was studying at Sussex University, in Brighton and I only vaguely took in Berger’s hypnotic voice and strange poetic sentences. I watched the four episodes again this week and loved it. You can watch it for free on Ubu Web and, really, it’s worth your time. Not least for the incredible beginning of episode 2 where John Berger talks about how women always feel as they are being observed and can only exist in two metaphorical states- walking and weeping.

Now enjoy lots of great ways of seeing by scrolling through Wendy Macnaughton’s journalistic illustrations and the Corita Kent collection. Corita Kent was an incredible art teacher, artist and nun that’s known as the Pop Art Nun! I’ve mentioned her before and the more I learn about her, the more I think she’s the bee’s knees. You can learn more about her here

Also, this interior designer’s website is full of great stuff to ‘see’, as is this one!

I found this article about San Francisco restaurants and their staff fascinating. Is this where we are all headed?

I love articles that take a small detail and pull on the thread until it seems to unravel and reveal a whole huge system. This piece by Alexis Madrigal for The Atlantic is just like that.

‘It’s time you got washed.’ Great piece in GQ about ambition and giving up. 

I hate football. (Sorry, not sorry.) And one of the main reasons is because they exaggerate and dramatise and waste time. This Vox piece on why they take dives didn’t diminish my frustration… but it’s interesting nonetheless! 

Also this ‘slack chat’ piece about civility in American politics on Five Thirty Eight

And finally, I’m making these Minimalist Baker no-bake cookies this weekend! Woohooo! Cookies without the heat of the oven. 

All images are my own- more messing around with Photoshop!

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