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Some quick links from around the internet for your weekend

Speaking of new shops… my incredibly stylish, incredibly talented friend Emma has also opened an Etsy shop called Island Vintage Goods Co. selling amazing vintage finds that she has collected from living in the UK and Trinidad and Tobago.

Emma has always been one of my absolute style ICONS; she is truly one of those rare people that instinctively understands great design and how to put things together in unexpected and beautiful ways. She has a particular knack for creating a style that is part Parisian glamour, part tropical paradise and, looking at her shop, I feel like if I lived in a home filled with her pieces, I would be living my best, happiest life.

Go and have a look for yourself… see what I mean?

That feeling of seeing yourself in other people’s design and creativity has been one of my favourite things about learning to use Photoshop and starting to draw regularly.

Suddenly, I feel like I can a whole world of illustration, printmaking, pattern making, and interior design that has become visible to me because I’ve been drawing. I have a new found admiration for every pattern (and pattern maker), every illustration (and illustrator) and every independent business that I see daily.

For example, when I’m looking for inspiration, consolation, and a funny perspective, I often look at People I’ve Loved. I feel like Carissa Potter Carlson (the genius behind the brand) has a direct line into my brain when I see some of her prints and objects. I particularly love the do not disturb hook, the ‘failure is an option’ cap and the butt pillow! If I ever come up with anything as funny, clever and strikingly simple, you can go ahead and stick a fork in me, I’ll be done.

Now that the trees have actually changed colour and the days are getting that bright, crisp autumnal sunshine, I have to admit that this time of year is really stunningly beautiful. I’m obviously devastated that the summer is over and I’m never going to love the deep winter months, but I’m happy to see all those orange leaves, red rosehips and smell the damp woody smell that seems to pervade everything in October.

For more colour inspiration, check out this amazing new edition of Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours. I would love a poster of this above my desk. 

Apart from the walks and increasing levels of hot chocolate consumption, I also get really excited about the new and returning TV shows. Whether you are already a hardcore fan or have never seen it, please read this great article about The Good Place. For newbies, it should make you rush to watch it (if it doesn’t then I’m sorry, we can no longer be friends), and for those who are already smitten, it will make you love the show even more. I can NOT wait to see all the new episodes.

This NY Times interactive, interesting and sometimes bittersweet article about being 18 in 2018 is also worth reading.  

Quickly followed by this short New Yorker one on social media guidelines. The Snapchat curse. Ha.

If you’re in need of some new winter clothes or, like me, you can’t possibly restrain yourself from owning at least one piece of corduroy now that it’s finally back in fashion… check out my friend Linda’s fantastic ethical shop Mae Sue.

Lots of great new winter pieces have just arrived! And they are all just as cool, affordable, ethical as the summer stock. I’ve seen a lot of the clothing in person and it is all incredibly well made and so soft. You won’t ever want to go back to cheap fast fashion.

I am definitely going to grab one of the cord skirts and then save up for one of the super soft sweatshirts and excellent patterned shirts.

I can also really recommend Jess Cartner-Morley’s recent Guardian article on why and how she is making her love for clothes more ethical and eco-friendly. 


I read two really upsetting and important articles this week that made me feel such a mix of helpless, furious, and determined.

Firstly, this Guardian article by Martin Chulov about the horrific and suspicious deaths female activists and high-profile Iraqi women. Secondly, this piece by Liam Stack for the NY Times about Kiah Morris, a black female lawmaker in Vermont who resigned from her seat in the State House of Representatives because of terrible racial harrassment. We need to keep fighting and talking and listening and VOTING.

And now, to vent some furious anger… some vegan baking. Tried, tested and can DEFINITELY recommend this vegan banana bread recipe. I added dark chocolate chunks and so should you.

And then, to make you laugh, make sure to (re)watch this clip again and again. One of the all time greats. 

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