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Some quick links from around the internet for your weekend

How has your week been? Mine has been so up and down, I feel like Jekyll and Hyde. 

Half of my work this week has left me feeling like I can tackle anything (copywriting!) and half of it has made me feel like I can’t cope (transcription?!? The pay is so low, the audio is so bad, the word ‘cockpit’ is never what you expect to hear!!).

There are two things that I have looked forward to: watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and playing with Photoshop. Every evening, after dinner, for the past few months, Andy and I have curled up together on the sofa to watch Star Trek. We’re in the final season of Next Generation and I already feel bereft. Pretty much every episode leaves me thinking about HUGE questions like could we eradicate war on Earth? What if we lived in a society that spoke in metaphors? Is there a quantum reality where I am not scared of fish and can go scuba diving?

I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV series that has so many nuanced, intelligent, flawed, powerful female characters. When I watched the series in the 90’s I didn’t notice this incredible aspect of it. Whole sections of an episode will go by with just women on screen dealing with important issues. It’s astonishing to see. This past year of #metoo, I’ve often wondered what equality would look like. Now I feel like I know. It would look like Dr Beverly Crusher and Captain Picard running The Bridge together.

Photoshop. Why did no one mention that making things on Photoshop is so incredibly satisfying and fun??? If you’re convinced that Photoshop is too complicated for you to learn then take it from me, follow a Youtube tutorial and get started. I cannot recommend Gareth David’s Tasty Tuts Youtube tutorials enough. He is so thorough, explains everything really clearly and works through tasks at a great pace. The effort he puts into his videos made my heart swell. Humans can be so good sometimes (especially Welsh ones, obviously).

I have already spent so many hours absorbed by the brushes, colours and composition. I look up, it’s past midnight, time has flown by. It’s like painting without the mess. Honestly, if I didn’t have to earn rent money I could just make things on Photoshop all day long and be happy as a clam. To Andy, who has mastered Photoshop for a while, I must look like a toddler who is excited they can stand up.

Other highlights this week- the caramelised vegan mozzarella tart we made (see below!), my first Pastis in the sun, listening to Dissect, an incredible podcast that looks at one album by one musician over six or seven episodes. This season is all about Frank Ocean and it’s so good I have to immediately share everything I’ve just heard with anyone in my vicinity.

If you don’t have Photoshop (I’m so sorry, go download it now) then here are some interesting things for you to look at this weekend:

I was so sad to hear about Kate Spade this week. Her mix of fun and elegance has always been an inspiration for me. I saved up for years to buy one of her bags! Whenever I feel like I’m struggling I watch this TED Talk by Kevin Breel and I make sure to talk to someone I trust. Look out for each other. 

The English accent in Shakespeare’s time.

The strange kaleidoscopic art of Rammellzee. I’m not sure I like this, but I can see that it combines elements in a really fascinating way.

This Design Sponge feature about stained glass artists pushed my love of stained glass to another level! Also check out the Wonky Peach ‘A Day in the Life’ article about Crafty Glass!

The incredible and mind-blowing longform article on authenticity by Toby Shorin (via Kotkke, of course!)

Cup of Jo really hit it out of the park this week (they often do) with their career advice tips from readers. Every piece of advice in this article is something that I’ve learnt from my many different jobs and each one is something that I come back to pretty much daily. Especially, ‘Be Mindful of Feedback’ and ‘Learn from your Mistakes’.

This excellent series of videos by Robert Miles about AI and concrete problems with AI safety. Including reward hacking, which I find fascinating.

I’d love to invent a board game or card game… do these ones by Sussed look fun or would it be surprisingly dull like Cards Against Humanity? The design is pretty cool.

And finally, try this recipe! It looks so good!! 

All photos my own, except for Dr Crusher, which I found here!

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  • Catherine

    Glad your “links for the weekend” are back. Enjoyed the links and the moving TED talk from Kevin Breel.
    For inspiration for Photoshop have a look at jillraylandcapes.co.uk. All her landscape prints are produced using Photoshop.
    Looking forward to more links soon.

    • Emma J

      Great! Thank you! I’ll have a look at her prints now. : )

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