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Where can you buy ethical bed linen?

I have never owned nice bed linen. It’s always been low on my list when buying house stuff because I can imagine the cost of buying at least two full sets of sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers and because I never know where to start looking.

In my (linen cupboard based) dreams, all my bedding is soft, long lasting and ethical. You know that’s not going to be cheap or easy to find… so I’ve avoided thinking about it and continued to buy bargain sheets from the nearest giant supermarket. They fit badly, stain easily (I eat toast in bed) and usually leave my skin clammy and irritated. But they are priced in single digits and I don’t have to look after them, so who could fail to be drawn to that.

As part of my ‘reassess the basics’ drive, I decided, much like my underwear, that it was time to take my head out the sand, find some options and start budgeting so that I can eventually replace my trashy polyester bed linen.

Before I give you my top 5 finds for good quality, reasonably priced ethical* bed linen, you might want to read our earlier post about ‘How to choose good bed linen’.

Favourite 5 Ethical Brands for Quality Bed Linen:

  1. Coyuchi
  2. Elkie and Ark
  3. The Fine Cotton Company
  4. Boll & Branch
  5. Sol

For more mainstream brands- West Elm and John Lewis have affordable organic bed linen, although the farming and manufacturing process is less transparent.

*Ethical here means environmentally friendly, that uses fair trade farming, and ethical labor practices.

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