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WTF is an Aeropress?

Whilst I was researching how to make coffee at home, that doesn’t taste like dishwater, I was stunned to find that most of the coffee gear I thought was necessary to make delicious coffee isn’t very highly rated by experts.

I assumed that most pros would recommend breathtakingly expensive coffee machines imported from Milan or handmade delicate glass contraptions; undeniably elegant but not practical for the average hectic morning routine.

As I read through different sites though, I found that many of them found coffee machines overpriced, disappointing or downright criminal, they dismissed stovetop makers as too hot, scalding the coffee, and French Presses as a decent option but often yielding weaker flavours.

One of the most informative sites I found, Roasty, sang the praises of the Aeropress as the best way to make excellent coffee at home easily. I have never considered an Aeropress because to me they seemed like a complicated faff and, a little pretentious- a status symbol for single origin snobs.

However, the Roasty Aeropress video convinced me that the whole process was pretty straightforward and would result in a better tasting cup of coffee than my current French press, without much extra cost or hassle.

If it means great coffee at home and reins in my take-away coffee habit, then I’m willing to give it a go. As Walt Whitman said, ‘be curious not judgemental’.

Aeropress available here and here. And, if you become a real super fan of the Aeropress, you might enjoy this Tumblr dedicated to Aeropress Art!

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